Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's go to the hop

My inspiration for this week's post was the Good Guys car show that I went to a couple weeks back.
Now I'm not a big car person but this was pretty cool.  All the decades were represented but I thought I would talk about the 1950's where cars were king.
This is the image I usually think of when people bring up the subject of women during the 1950's.  Or I think of the mentally unstable housewife, as seen below. 

Just peachy, huh? 
Growing up I was obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with Grease.  I wanted to marry Danny Zuko and ride Greased lightning into the clouds all day every day.  The whole bad boy obsession has certainly been a part of my real life, but some of the fashion has crept in as well.

Kick me up in some red candies and I'm good to go. Well, not candies but I love me some red high heels.  So classic and sexy. They also go well with a little black dress, or black leather pants. 

I'm also fond of the sweet silhouettes of the 50's. Long hoop skirts and tight blouses work wonders on curves. Especially thanks to this geometric wonder:
 I've always wanted one just for fun but they do look very alien futuristic chic, oui? 
Along with the sweet, wholesomeness we associate with this time, there was an interesting underground movement that I think is probably the most fascinating part of the whole decade.
Bettie Page has always interested me, simply because she's so not what most people would think of when discussing Ike or Leave it to Beaver.  There was this subculture emerging from the depths, similar to the creature from the black lagoon.  This is also the time when monster movies became oh so popular. 
Men love the whole damsel in distress thing, don't they?

Technicolor, nuclear war fare, the cone bra: all marvelous, and frightening, things made popular by the 1950's.  Now let me put on my sweater set and grab a chocolate malt with the guy whose pin I'm wearing. 

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