Saturday, January 15, 2011

winter blues

so for the past few days I've felt like this:
Not quite as fashionable though.  I'm sick with a cold but also I just am sick of not being in school. I miss it even though I'll regret saying this after my first week.  

On the bright side of life, I have a new queen size bed.  The lighting in my room is terrible so I'll just show you what I got!
This is the bed I got. Ikea's Malm model.
And this pillow that I fell in love with.  Reminded me of Monet.  I decided I wanted to base my colors for my bedding off the pillow because I had to have it. 
My bedding that I got was a light violet comforter and silver sheets with violets on them.  It won't let me post a decent picture so I'll just post a link.
Unfortunately can't find the sheets but they are really soft! I went really cheap on this whole bed shopping excursion.  Ikea and Target are awesome to find cheap buys that look nice.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

spring 2011 trends to look forward to

So this winter I have been wearing a lot of black, militaristic coats/shoes and mens wear as well as jewel toned skirts and sweaters.  Generally a dark palate that suits the winter but I'm really looking forward to a couple spring trends for the new year.
Vibrant pinks and oranges are popping up everywhere in spring 2011 rtw.

I love these 70's taxi driver inspired looks from Marc Jacobs. So bright, these looks remind me of spring break and the change in the weather. 
Along with colorful ensembles, I noticed much more feminine styles gracing the runways. 

This pretty pink dress is BCBG rtw. I like how it resembles flower petals.

And this one is Giambattista Valli.  I love the pairing of bright orange with nude.
Despite showing off their colors, designers also used neutrals. This dress from Chloe was extremely feminine and I feel like adding crazy amounts of color would have detracted from it.  

Now I still noticed mens wear on the runways, especially from Stella McCartney and Hermés. 

The first look is something that I can see women in the professional world working while they strut down the street but the blue look seems too sloppy for the office.  I like them both because I feel like it shows two different women who can wear menswear for their situation.  
And then there was Hermés...
They kind of went with bull fighter chic which was really fun. They also had a lot of Indiana Jones-esque pieces with different beiges and nudes.  So fierce. Once again, another look for another woman. The plunging neckline is what turns this suit into a winner, for me at least. I dig it. 

Saving my favorite spring trend for last.....
It seemed like every designer had feathers in their collection, namely the paris runways.

Zac Posen had these two looks. Very 1930's to me.

Of course John Galliano had them and did feathers like party guests of Gatsby.

More Giambattista Valli.  I like how they incorporated very simple pieces with the feathers like a man's shirt and nude shorts.  

And the show stopper of the entire season (in my opinion) Alexander McQueen's dress. 
God I love it. Find me a ball to go to or something.

I hope you all can find ways to incorporate these fun spring looks into every day fashion without looking like Big Bird on an acid trip.