Saturday, January 15, 2011

winter blues

so for the past few days I've felt like this:
Not quite as fashionable though.  I'm sick with a cold but also I just am sick of not being in school. I miss it even though I'll regret saying this after my first week.  

On the bright side of life, I have a new queen size bed.  The lighting in my room is terrible so I'll just show you what I got!
This is the bed I got. Ikea's Malm model.
And this pillow that I fell in love with.  Reminded me of Monet.  I decided I wanted to base my colors for my bedding off the pillow because I had to have it. 
My bedding that I got was a light violet comforter and silver sheets with violets on them.  It won't let me post a decent picture so I'll just post a link.
Unfortunately can't find the sheets but they are really soft! I went really cheap on this whole bed shopping excursion.  Ikea and Target are awesome to find cheap buys that look nice.  

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